For a while now I have noticed that I now talk a lot and reveal aspects of my life I was never able to reveal before. I am amazed at the person I have become as I used to be the quiet one and never really shared much. Now I am an open book. I am  constantly trying to fill up the silence.

Often I see myself just talking non-stop and I wish secretly to stop but I don’t. This morning I read a couple articles trying to get insight on talking less. Mind you, I have read these articles beginning of the year when talking less was my New Years resolution. But six months later I think I even talk more than before.

I hope today when I get into work I will keep all my conversations work related and to a minimum. Surely no one needs to know what I did at the weekend and everything I ate.

One article suggest wearing a rubber band and snap myself each time I speak about me. So I will give this a go and see.

Here is to a new journey…