I am torn, torn between two men… both exciting, both attentive, both have this amazing twinkle in their eyes. But how do I choose. At 29 it’s difficult to choose… one minute I feel I must be with someone so my mother can shut up about my not being married and the next I want the freedom of just being on my own. Now I have two men…how do I choose?

I have read many articles online in search of advice.  It all seems very western- one article suggests playing the field till I know what I want truly, another proposes a list of pros and cons. But how do I trust my judgement… I have been wrong about boyfriends before, so faced with a choice how do I choose?

I like B- he is caring, kind… I like the way he squints his eyes  when he laughs… I like how he curls his legs together and look so comfortable. His kiss is soft and tender and I can feel his smile when we kiss. He is a very good dad…wanting the best for his daughter.. I admire the fact that he puts her first always and the glow on his face when he speaks of her. He has a very down to earth attitude, wowed by the fact that I like him!

Then M.. I like him too… had many reservations. Vowed I would never date a Nigerian guy again.., so smooth in his approach, very sure of himself. He is annoyingly handsome… I love the twinkle in his eyes… he knows there is another person but he is sure he will snatch me away from him. He likes me I can tell… but maybe he just wants my cookies.. he too has soft lips.. he is very ambitious like most Nigerian men… he brings excitement. I still need to get to know him but will my body allow for this to happen as I don’t know how long I can hold off on the physical

but B is homely… naturing. The sort that rubs your feet and massages your shoulders without me asking. He knows how to make a good cup of tea and when we spend time together he is super attentive but quiet when we are apart…

I must admit.. I dont know M as much…he intrigues me, I wanna know more. He certainly knows how to woo a woman

aahh! I don’t know how I am going to do this. I have known B the longest but M sees me every chance he gets.. texts every moment …

I wonder if M likes the thrill of chasing me. Do I like the thrill of being chased too??? Perhaps I do.!

I still don’t know what I am going to do.. who do I tell?? Or ask for advice?